Farewell to Cannes while London is calling

Farewell to Cannes while London is calling
The final curtain has fallen on Mip TV. During a crowed press conference on Tuesday, April 9 with a bustling audience gathering to hear Lucy Smith, the entertainment boss at RX, discuss the upcoming Mip London event set for February 24-27,  2025. Lucy Smith, who serves as the director of RX France's entertainment division and oversees Mip TV and Mipcom, bid adieu to Mip TV in Cannes, emphasizing that the distribution landscape has evolved. She highlighted that the inception of Mip London is a direct response to market demands.

The announcement of the Mip London event on March 26 put an end to speculations surrounding the fate of the traditional Mip TV market in Cannes. Smith expressed her surprise at the turnout and the warm reception as she stepped onto the stage, underscoring that Mip London would distinguish itself by prioritizing meeting spaces, networking opportunities, screenings, and curated showcases over a grand exhibition hall.

Scheduled for February 24-27, 2025, at the Savoy Hotel and IET London, with a pre-opening on February 23, Mip London will coincide with the long-standing BBC Studios Showcase and the relatively newer London Screenings. Smith noted the shift in the international distribution calendar and emphasized the event's alignment with the schedules of both scripted and unscripted buyers.

She clarified that Mip London aims not to compete with but to complement the London Screenings, catering to the growing interest among international companies in attending events in London. Smith positioned Mip London as a convenient solution, offering a comprehensive platform that eliminates the need for companies to arrange everything independently. Qualified buyers will enjoy complimentary access to the event, with program details currently under development.

Smith assured that the evolving program will cater to various communities, including Mipdoc, Mipformats, and the kids' communities, while also recognizing the emerging opportunities in the unscripted genre in February.