Cortinametraggio officially started with a renowned edition

Cortinametraggio officially started with a renowned edition
The 19th edition of Cortinametraggio, the renowned short film festival, officially kicked off last night with an eagerly anticipated opening ceremony. 
Presided over by founder Maddalena Mayneri and directed by Niccolò Gentili, the festival animates Cortina D'Ampezzo until March 17, 2024. The opening featured a special tribute to classic cinema, with the restored version of Visconti's masterpiece Il Gattopardo screened in the presence of 150 students from the Val Boite Comprehensive Institute. 
Titanus Production CEO Maria Grazia Saccà and Pasquale Cozzupoli of Cinecittà introduced the screening, emphasizing the film's historical significance and monumental production effort. The festival also focuses on nurturing young talent, with meetings between directors and platforms like WeShort, aiming to provide visibility for short films. 
For more information, visit the official website: Cortina