Inter Medya Drama Endless Love Lands to Mediaset

Inter Medya Drama Endless Love Lands to Mediaset
Turkish drama Endless Love debuts on Canale 5 on March 11 at 14:00 in day time from Monday to Friday.

Endless Love is the only dizi to have received international recognition in Turkish television history. Additionally, it holds the record for the widest distribution in the most countries ever: over 110. The sale is handled by Inter Medya. 

Dubbed in more than 50 languages, the series won a prestigious Emmy in 2015. The protagonists are two well-known actors in Turkey, Burak Özçivit and Neslihan Atagül, who are also the only ones to have received an Emmy nomination for Best International Actor and Best International Actress.

The story revolves around two young people from opposite worlds who fall deeply in love, with their families opposing their love. Kemal (Özçivit), born into a bourgeois and simple family, and Nihan (Atagül), a young wealthy and powerful woman. She is a rational person, but when he enters her life, a vital whirlwind puts an end to her monotonous routine.

Shot along the coasts near Istanbul and the city of Zonguldak on the Black Sea, Endless Love also features Kerem Alışık and Rüzgar Aksoy, who were previously in Terra Amara, and Melissa Aslı Pamuk, who participated in The Girl and the Officer.