MIPTV Debut for K7 Media's 'Tracking the Giants' 2023-2024

MIPTV Debut for K7 Media's 'Tracking the Giants' 2023-2024
K7 Media  announced its collaboration with MIPTV, where it will reveal its annual report on traveling TV formats, 'Tracking the Giants.' The debut will be a highlight of the opening morning of MIPFORMATS on Saturday, April 6th, in Cannes.

"Tracking the Giants" is the definitive report in the TV format industry, resulting from exhaustive research by K7 Media and distributors. This annual compendium showcases the top 100 traveling unscripted TV formats, offering insights into global television trends.

MIPTV kicks off April 6th-7th with MIPDOC and MIPFORMATS strands, creating ‘The Biggest Weekend in Unscripted’ in Cannes. Michelle Lin, Associate Director of Operations at K7 Media, will present an exclusive preview of the best-selling formats of 2023.

The MIPTV exhibition market follows on April 8th-10th, with over 130 exhibitors set to host stands, bringing together producers and buyers from 80 countries in Cannes.

Keri Lewis Brown, CEO, and founder of K7 Media, stated, “Over the last six years, ‘Tracking the Giants’ has grown into an important bellwether for the TV formats industry, and we’re delighted to partner with MIPFORMATS to launch it this year.”