Studio 100 Media Transforms into Studio 100 International

 Studio 100 Media Transforms into Studio 100 International
Studio 100 Media, a prominent figure in children’s and family entertainment headquartered in Munich, unveiled its new identity as Studio 100 International. The rebranding signifies the company's expanded role as the primary international distribution hub of the Studio 100 Group, responsible for creating and delivering premium films and series to global audiences, as well as engaging in worldwide brand rights licensing.

Under the banner of Studio 100 International, Studio Isar Animation stands as a cutting-edge animation production studio in Munich, dedicated to crafting top-tier content for the global family and kids’ demographic. Moreover, Studio 100 International boasts a stellar track record in comprehensive financial engineering for both its in-house productions and third-party projects. Notably, strategic alliances with 3 Doubles Producciones and Gaumont Animation have been recently forged, further solidifying the company's commitment to global content production and distribution.

The revamped branding includes a fresh company logo, symbolizing Studio 100 International’s dedication to innovation and creativity. Additionally, the Munich-based production and distribution powerhouse is launching its redesigned website, providing users access to its extensive catalog of beloved brands and productions.

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 International, shares his excitement for this pivotal transformation: “The transition to Studio 100 International represents a significant milestone in our journey and underscores our aspirations to cement the company’s standing among the foremost players in the media landscape.”

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