The Quiz With Balls: Making a Splash in Spain

The Quiz With Balls: Making a Splash in Spain
Talpa Studios' latest format, The Quiz With Balls, is set to air on Atresmedia's Antena 3, marking its third international market after successful runs in the Netherlands and the USA. This collaboration marks another exciting venture between Atresmedia and Talpa Studios, following the acquisition of the popular show, The Floor, last year. 

Production for The Quiz With Balls will be centered at Talpa Studios' main facility in the Netherlands, in partnership with Spanish producer Warner Bros., with eight  episodes slated for broadcast in 2024.  In each episode, teams of five friends, family members, or colleagues compete for a lucrative cash prize by answering a series of quiz questions. Each team member selects one of six answer options, triggering the balls to roll once all answers are submitted. A correct answer stops the ball just in time, while an incorrect one sends the player plunging into the pool below. As the game progresses, the stakes rise, with each wrong answer adding to the difficulty of the next question. The ultimate prize of 25,000 euros awaits the team that can withstand the pressure and conquer all ten questions.

Carmen Ferreiro, Entertainment Programming Director of Atresmedia TV, expressed the network's enthusiasm: "Atresmedia is dedicated to bringing the best entertainment formats from around the globe to our audiences. The Quiz With Balls embodies the fun and innovation that aligns perfectly with our television model."

Sebastian van Barneveld, Talpa Studios’ Director of Global Distribution, shared his excitement: "Following its sensational premiere on SBS6 in the Netherlands last summer, The Quiz With Balls has become a seasonal favorite, earning special editions and a highly anticipated second season. We are thrilled to see the format expanding internationally, captivating audiences in the U.S. and now Spain."