Nippon TV announced its Miptv Lineup

Nippon TV announced its Miptv Lineup
Nippon TV, Japan’s leading multiplatform entertainment giant, announced its lineup for this year’s MIPTV, featuring captivating scripted and unscripted formats. Headlining the offerings is Trespassers (90 min. x 1ep.), a thrilling dramedy from the creators of the acclaimed series Rebooting. The story follows three women breaking into a luxury apartment in search of hidden cash, only to encounter unexpected twists and turns. Also in the lineup is  Alice in Wonderful Kitchen (60 min. x 10eps.), a compassionate drama mystery portraying the life of an extraordinary cook navigating autism, aiming to resonate with audiences facing their own challenges.

In addition, Nippon TV introduces Stars on the Shelf (scalable format 60min.-120min. eps.), a cutting-edge business/observational reality format. This show taps into celebrities' creativity as they develop and compete with new products in a trendy shop, offering viewers a glimpse into the competitive business arena.
 Sayako Aoki, Head of Scripted Formats, and Tom Miyauchi, Head of Unscripted Formats, Global Business, Nippon TV, unveiled the announcement, expressing excitement for the global market.

Aoki highlighted the intrigue of "Trespassers," promising unexpected plot twists that challenge perceptions of mundane lives, while "Alice in Wonderful Kitchen" endeavors to blend compassion and mystery to offer solace and understanding. Miyauchi emphasized the universal appeal of "Stars on the Shelf," noting its ability to captivate audiences with engaging content and celebrity-driven entrepreneurship. These formats represent Nippon TV's commitment to delivering innovative storytelling and entertainment to global audiences.