Drag Me Out: When Formats are also a Political Issue

Drag Me Out: When Formats are also a Political Issue
Drag shows are very popular around the world (just think of the global franchise RuPaul’s Drag Race Race), except of course in those countries where governments have anti-LGBTQ+ stance. One of them used to be Poland; but now, with a new, liberal government taking over under the leadership of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, things are changing.
One of the signs has precisely been the possibility to produce a local version of Mastiff TV Denmark-created format Drag Me Out, distributed internationally by Banijay (already adapted in Norway: a brief clip below). The format - which is going to be on air on Polish commercial network TVN from spring - will see six bold personalities from the Polish showbiz scene undergo a transformative experience to discover their “inner queens.”
Under the guidance of mentors – stars of the Polish drag scene – and a jury of experts, contestants will compete in a series of challenges, including learning the art of makeup, costume creation and lip sync battles.
Sometimes formats can be a sign of the times…
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