Viacom bought the rights of the book Entre mi hijo y la luna Viacom bought the rights of the book Entre mi hijo y la luna

Scripted Format | Buenos Aires | 11/07/2019

Viacom bought the rights of the book Entre mi hijo y la luna Viacom International Studios (VIS) - Americas announced the rights acquisition of the book “Entre mi hijo y yo, la luna” by Carlos Páez Vilaró, the diary on the search for his lost son in the Andes after the tragic accident that shocked the world in 1972.

Páez Vilaró began writing this diary after embarking on an adventure of more than 72 days to find his son, who was in the Uruguayan rugby national team that traveled to Chile aboard a plane that crashed in the heart of the Cordillera de Los Andes. The tragedy of the Andes fired countless stories, however, “Entre mi hijo y yo, La Luna” portrays a less-known angle that puts together the days of a man who, in the absence of information about the whereabouts of the plane, decides to start the journey that will lead him to the miracle of finding his son alive.

"It's a story full of healing, suspense, intrigue and above all, madness. Carlos was self-encouraged to show the world, against all odds, the power of intuition: He knew that his son was alive. He said that ‘he could feel his eyes resting on the moon’," said Mercedes Reincke, VP of Content Development for VIS. "The story of this accident, that continues to stir the world, returns from an unexplored side: with a male character who is sensitive and has a maternal instinct. This is of our interest especially in this moment of so many strong female characters."

“Entre mi hijo y yo, La Luna,” the new project that VIS Americas has began to develop, is written by author Sergio Olguín, with the collaboration of Ezequiel Sagasti and a team of authors.

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