Inter Medya and BluTV announce the return of phenomenal series: Behzat ÇInter Medya and BluTV announce the return of phenomenal series: Behzat Ç

Scripted Format | Istanbul | 06/05/2019

Inter Medya and BluTV announce the return of phenomenal series: Behzat Ç Inter Medya and BluTV announce the return of phenomenal series: Behzat Ç .

In collaboration with BluTV, a Turkish streaming platform, Inter Medya announces its latest production, the long-awaited return of the cult series; Behzat Ç. The preparations of the shooting already started and the series will air on BluTV in 2019. The first three seasons of the show were a great success and it was only a matter of time before the series appeared on our screens again. Inter Medya will produce the series and distribute "Behzat Ç" worldwide. The upcoming season will have intriguing surprises for its fans.

On Sunday evening, Inter Medya and BluTV announced the comeback of the series on various social media platforms, launching the new season’s first teaser. As a result, Behzat Ç. became a trending topic with more than 3 million people interacting.

“Together with Inter Medya we have come to the conclusion that our streaming platform BluTV can reach new heights. BluTV tells great and rich stories that reflect our rich culture and encourage conversation. With its edgy character, we highly believe that Behzat Ç.’s spirit is perfectly appealing for BluTV’s content strategies and its target audience. After six years, the time has come for Behzat Ç. to make a comeback.” says Deniz Sasmaz Head of Content Acquisitions & Productions from BluTV.

"This series is incessantly reflecting some of the most pressing issues of our time. Behzat’s story revolves around his unique personality that was shaped by his haunting past. As Behzat always says, ‘‘I’ve never been a good man, nevertheless I’ve never been anybody’s man.’’ The character’s ideals and actions are what separates Behzat Ç.’s story from all other stories. We are proud to produce this project and I am very pleased that BluTV is accompanying us on this exciting journey.” says Can Okan CEO and Founder.

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