Formatbiz met Harry and Jack Williams the producers behind the success of LiarFormatbiz met Harry and Jack Williams the producers behind the success of Liar

Scripted Format | London | 14/03/2019

Formatbiz met Harry and Jack Williams the producers behind the success of Liar Harry and Jack Williams established Two Brothers Pictures in early 2014. Their aim is to produce quality comedy and drama television in the UK and internationally. In its short history, the company has already produced shows for Amazon, HBO, AMC, BBC, ITV and Sky, including two series of the hit-comedy award-winning FLEABAG for the BBC and Amazon; LIAR, THE WIDOW, and CHEAT for ITV; as well as BAPTISTE and BACK TO LIFE for the BBC.

Q: Congratulations for the series, it’s brilliant. Are you going to produce a 2nd season of Liar?
A: Thank you, we were proud of it. We’re going to start filming LIAR series 2 in March 2019 and it’s a direct continuation of the first series. We’re excited to have Ioan Gruffudd and Joanne Froggatt back. We’re also bringing back James Strong, who directed the first half of season one, so we are aiming to make it even more thrilling than the first series!

Q: Is the story based on true events? how did it come up?
A: We chose sexual assault as a subject because there seemed to be so many of these cases where it came down to the ‘he said she said’ dynamic, what became interesting was the idea of what the person themselves believe happened and how two people can view an individual event in very different ways.

Q: Did you see the Italian version? Did you like it?
A: We did and we loved it. It was really fascinating to see our work transformed. INDIGO executed the production beautifully while remaining true to our original vision.

Q: When you sell a show for a local remake how do you work with the local producers?
A: all3media international handle the negotiations for us in these situations and they provide a full assessment of support materials. The Italian producers were very familiar with the British series, as were Mediaset, so they did not require too much guidance after it was apparent, they were keen to respect the original values of the ITV version.

Q: How do you define the series: a thriller, an investigative or a romance?
A: We wrote it as a psychological thriller but in some ways it’s different from the things we’ve written before. We’ve done a lot of dramas with complicated structures and shifting timelines and wanted to try something that was a bit simpler and focused on the characters.

Q: What are you developing at the moment?
A: We made over 25 hours of drama and comedy in 2018; we worked with Hollywood stars and filmed in far flung locations. We hope 2019 will be just as varied and busy. We have already had a strong start with the success of BAPTISTE and FLEABAG and we have even more great shows coming up including CHEAT, BACK TO LIFE, and of course the much anticipated second series of LIAR.


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