New factual entertainment & reality show presented by Virginia MouselerNew factual entertainment & reality show presented by Virginia Mouseler

Tv Events | Cannes | 09/04/2018

New factual entertainment & reality show presented by Virginia Mouseler MIPFormats’s Fresh TV sessions presented by The WIT CEO Virginia Mouseler, was one of the most acclaimed event, focusing on factual entertainment & reality.
She kicked off by sharing the top 5 formats of last year: First Dates (UK 2013, WBITVP, dating show), Dragons’ Dan (Japan 2001, SPTI, business competition), Common Sense (UK 2017, All3Media, reality), Undressed (Italy 2016, Banijay, Dating show), Married at First Sight (Denmark 2013, Red Arrow, dating show).
The best genres are quiz shows, celebrities and physical challenges, with talent shows, adventure, dating and cooking rounding out the list, but slightly declining (Quiz Shows +11%, Celebrities +11%, Physical challenges +10%, Talent shows -1.2%, Adventure -18%, Dating -14%, Cooking -3%).

Still, cooking kicked off our first course of factual and reality-show goodies: HIGH CUISINE (distributed by Totem Media - Netherlands) is a cooking show where two experienced chefs blend organic drug culture and haute cuisine. Traveling the world, they discover ancient cultures and mind-altering herbs. On location, they create a new dish. In FOOD SWITCH (Borderline Media - France) two families switch their grocery shopping carts for a week. Each family can only cook with the ingredients given by the other family.
Among other formats to watch this year, we can also expect to encounter THE BIG CHECK UP (Newen Distribution - France) that sees hundreds of people that are invited to a complete check-up with a team of doctors. Some of them learn they must be treated and are followed on their way to recovery; WEIGHT FOR THE DATE (WeMake - France) is a dating that sees overweight singles matched based on their personality, they follow a weight loss program together for three months without seeing each other and they meet in person for their first real date 90 days later; HERITAGE (Global Agency - France) is a reality show that matches an old and rich widow with no heir looks for the perfect person to give a part of her legacy. 6 contestants compete to prove they deserve to be her heir; EVERYONE’S A CRITIC (NBCU - Australia - premiere April 2018) sends ordinary people visit museums and art galleries where they become art critics, regardless of their artistic knowledge. They cast their opinion on the works of art; BEAT YOUR TEENAGER (Missing Link Media - Denmark - premiered January 2018) is a social experiment where five teenage parents are worried about their children spending all day in front of their screens, gaming. To understand their teens’ world, they decide to learn how to play eSports. Their goal is beat their own teens.

There are also other formats of the same genre: STREET SWAP (Tuvalu Media / Newen Distribution - Netherlands) sees 5 families from the same street in a small town switch lives with 5 families living in the same street in a big city; THE MOUNTAIN OF TRUTH(Borderline Media - France) is an emodventure show where one person who has a disclosure to make invites a close one to meet at the top of a mountain. To know the truth, the close one has climb the mountain and overcome physical and emotional ordeals; GENERATIONS ON TOUR (Small Worls lft - Ukraine) is an emodventure show that sees one grandchild whisks their favorite grandparent away on a surprise trip of a lifetime. First challenge: convince the grandparent to leave right away; THE LAWYERS(Sr Mono - Spain) sees a TV Law Firm helps viewers with their legal issues. A “Street lawyer” listens to people in public places: a TV trial jury speak for the people and the lawyers give legal advice; THE TOURISTS MISSION SAFARI (Satisfaction - France - premiered February 2018) sees six celebrities who think they are going to spend a few days in a thalassotherapy clinic find themselves enrolled in an intensive training session to become animals caretakers.

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