Keshet brings news captivating drama at MiptvKeshet brings news captivating drama at Miptv

Scripted Format | Tel Aviv | 03/04/2018

Keshet brings news captivating drama at Miptv Global content company Keshet International (KI) today reveals its selected slate of programming for MIPTV 2018, which includes 18 new titles and features a variety of drama productions, new formats and UK factual series as well as kids and teens content.
Headlining the scripted slate will be When Heroes Fly, a dramatic thriller inspired by a best-selling novel and set deep in the Columbian jungle, which has been selected for a world premiere and competition at Canneseries. Written and created by Omri Givon (“Hostages”), the drama centres on four friends, war veterans of a Special Forces unit, who, eleven years after falling out, must reunite for one final and deeply personal rescue mission.
Factual and entertainment programming continues to be a key focus, with an exceptionally strong slate of non-scripted formats being brought to market from the independent production companies supported by Greenbird Media which is a part of KI’s investment announced earlier this month. Amongst those titles is Bad Habits, Holy Orders, a new docu-reality format from Crackit Productions. Five wild party girls abandon booze, boys and smartphones, and move into a Catholic convent for four weeks of life-changing spiritual guidance in this warmly humorous reality series.
From UK producer Tuesday’s Child Television comes Superstar Dogs, a studio competition with a twist. Devoted owners and their dogs team up to compete across a series of challenging and entertaining supersized Dog Sports. Further titles from Crackit Productions and Tuesday’s Child Television are listed below.
Other scripted highlights include Sleeping Bears, a psychological drama produced by July August Productions and from the award-winning pen of Keren Margalit, author of The A Word. Chosen for the Berlinale Special Series Selection, this captivating and emotive drama tells the story of one woman’s search for the truth when dark secrets threaten to destroy her closest relationships. The slate also offers 7 Faces, a gripping portrait of modern life in Turkey told through seven separate, yet intertwined characters and their stories. Also on the slate is US short-form whodunit thriller In The Vault from Haven Entertainment, which focuses on a group of college students after one of their dormmates is killed at a party and The Stylist, a romantic comedy drama which follows the Cinderella story of a small town girl breaking into the fashion world.
Completing the format slate is The Search, a brand-new shiny floor format from indie entertainment studio Youngest Media. Brilliantly simple and extremely addictive, this show transforms the globally-popular word search puzzle into a fun-packed physical game, guaranteed to put contestants’ speed and knowledge - as well as their ability to work together - to the ultimate test.
As KI continues to build its kids programming slate, it brings Sir Mouse, an animated European co-production, to MIPTV. From Fabrique Fantastique (Belgium), Scopas Medien (Germany), and Salty Dog (Ireland), this tale rooted firmly in ‘the now’ challenges gender stereotypes in new and original ways allowing children the opportunity to question the world through new, refreshing and fun narratives.
Keshet International can be found at stand number R8.C9 at MIPTV and full details on all programmes included within the slate can be found below:

Title: When Heroes Fly
Genre: Action thriller
Duration : 1x80' ; 9x40' 11x40' Finished tape + format
Created by: Omri Givon
Produced by: Spiro Films - Eitan Mansuri and Jonathan Doweck

Eleven years after falling out, four friends, war veterans of a Special Forces unit, reunite for one final mission: to find Yaeli, a former lover of one and sister of another. Their journey will take them deep into the Colombian jungle, but to succeed they must first confront the trauma that tore them apart. Featuring breathtaking action, this dramatic thriller, inspired by a bestselling novel, is about the strength needed not only to fight for life, but also to heal and find peace.
Title: Sleeping Bears
Genre: Psychological drama
Duration:10x60' Finished tape + format
Created, written and directed by: Keren Margalit
Produced by: July August Productions
Hadas’s world is turned upside down when she receives an envelope containing sections torn out of her psychologist Ya’akov Eshel’s diary - papers documenting their private conversations. Sleeping Bears blends a captivating thriller with a moving drama focusing on our ability to trust those we are closest to, as Hadas questions the fundamental elements of every human connection – love, trust and, ultimately, truth.
In a desperate search to track down the anonymous sender, Hadas will be forced to deal with the truths she has concealed from those closest to her - and from herself. When dark secrets threaten to destroy her closest relationships, teacher Hadas is drawn into a complex and deeply personal search for the truth in this gripping psychological drama.
Title: The Stylist
Genre: Drama
Duration: 12x40' Finished tape + format
Produced by: Dana Eden Productions

A small-town girl with big ambitions, and an equally big attitude, gets her first break in fashion, only to discover that her dreams come with a price to pay – in love, in her career and in her values - in this romantic comedy drama set in the glamorous world of style and celebrities.
Title: 7 Faces
Genre: Drama
Duration: 7x60' Finished tape + format
Produced by: BLUTV and Bir Films

7 Faces is a gripping portrait of modern life in Istanbul told through seven separate, yet intertwined characters and their stories. Living in the same apartment building but unaware of each other, the heroes of this show are forced to face their biggest fears and weaknesses and come to terms with major changes in their turbulent lives. With each episode focusing on a different character, this series gives a unique insight into contemporary Turkish society with a global resonance.

Title: In The Vault
Genre: Drama
Duration: 8x22', Finished tape
Producted by: Haven Entertainment

One month into freshman year at college, a student is killed at a party. In The Vault focuses on the victim's surviving dorm hallmates as they come to suspect one another of being the killer. Each student has secrets that may or may not serve as a motive, and none are safe from the others’ suspicions. Each episode spotlights a different hallmate as a character is a protagonist one week and a suspect the next.

Title: Happy at Sea
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 10x22’ Finished tape + format
Produced by: FLX
Broadcaster: TV4 + CMORE

Happy at Sea centers on the Kling family and their private summerhouse paradise among the rocks and cliffs of Stockholm’s archipelago. Three generations under the same roof usually goes splendidly for five days, but how will they manage for five weeks?
Factual and entertainment
Title: Bad Habits, Holy Orders
Genre: Docu-reality
Duration: 4x45’ Finished tape + format
Created and produced by: Crackit Productions

Five wild party girls abandon booze, boys and smartphones, and move into a Catholic convent for four weeks of life-changing spiritual guidance in this warmly humorous reality series.
Title: My Sexual Fantasy
Genre: Popular fantasy
Duration: 4x60’ Finished tape + format
Produced and created by: Crackit Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 5

This format uncovers the real sexual fantasies of ordinary men and women and psychoanalyzes them to reveal what these deepest desires really mean.
Title: Trouble in Poundland
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 1x60’ Finished tape
Produced and created by: Crackit Productions
Broadcaster: ITV

As consumers demand better value for money & purchases are set at such a low price point, what lengths will Poundland go to in order to keep their business afloat?
Title: Greatest Celebrity Wind Ups Ever
Genre: Entertainment
Duration: 3x60’, 6x30’ Finished tape + format
Produced and created by: Crackit Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 5

A celebrity practical joke show, narrated by Joe Pasquale. With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks & the unfortunate stars at the receiving end.

Title: My Extreme … Life
Genre: Popular factual
Duration: 2x60’ (My Extreme OCD Life), 7x60’ in production (Obesity, Stammers and more.) Finished tape + format
Produced and created by: Crackit Productions
Broadcaster: 5Star

It’s hard enough for young people to find their place in the world - but when they've also been faced with life-changing challenges, just getting through each day can be a struggle.
Title: Superstar Dogs
Genre: Game show
Duration: 15x30’, Format
Produced and created by: Tuesday’s Child Television
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Devoted owners and their dogs team up to compete across a series of supremely challenging and totally entertaining supersized dog sports in this ambitious, action-packed physical game show with wide audience appeal.
Title: Superstar Dogs (celebrity version)
Genre: Game show
Duration: 1x60’
Produced by: Tuesday’s Child Television and Tyrone Productions
Created by: Tuesday’s Child Television
Broadcaster: RTE Ireland
Timeslot: Sunday 28th Dec 2014 at 8pm

Title: For What It’s Worth
Genre: Game show
Duration: S1 25x45’, S2 23x45’ Finished tape and format
Produced and created by: Tuesday’s Child Television
Broadcaster: BBC One

Three pairs of contestants compete to amass the most valuable selection of antiques and collectables by answering quiz questions and choosing items.
Title: The Search
Genre: Game show
Duration: 30'/60' Format
Created by: Youngest Media and Keshet International
Broadcaster: Keshet Broadcasting

The Search is the ultimate play ON words. The creators of Money Drop and Boom introduce this simple and addictive fast-paced and dynamic show: a Word-Search puzzle but with a fun-packed physical edge. Contestants’ knowledge, speed and cognitive skills are pushed to the limits as the lights go down and the clock starts ticking. Will they find the words they’re searching for in this visually engaging, interactive experience?
Title: How Far
Genre: docu-reality
Duration: 14x90' Format
Produced by: Koda Communications
Created by: Keshet Broadcasting and Koda Communications

Three successful young men, who have built fantastic lives for themselves in exotic faraway locations, head back to their homeland to search for love. Each can invite four potential partners to visit their home abroad – but who will be willing to leave their entire life behind to give true love a chance?
Kids & family

Title: Sir Mouse
Genre: Kids animation (2D digital cut out)
Duration: 26x11’ Finished tape
Produced by: Fabrique Fantastique (Belgium), Scopas Medien (Germany), Salty Dog (Ireland)
Broadcaster: ARD (Germany), KETNET (Belgium) and RTE (Ireland)
Delivery: 2019

A comedy TV series for girls and boys aged 6 to 9 years, following the unusual friendship between a short fused Mouse Knight and her forgiving, gentle friend Dragon. The two heroic friends challenge our preconceptions of exist¬ing fairytale clichés.

Title: Craft Party
Genre: Live-action
Duration: S1 17x10' , S2 7-10x10' Finished tape + format
Produced by: Nutz Productions/Ananey
Broadcaster: Nick Junior Israel

Aimed at kids aged 5-9, Craft Party is a DIY show celebrating the art of crafting for children. Shay-Ya and Mor, 9-year-old girls who live and breathe DIY, invite viewers into their world to present them with endless, fun craft ideas with material and colour.

Title: Junk Rescue
Genre: Live-action
Duration: S1 15x15’, S2 15x15’, Xmas Special 1x15’ Finished tape + format
Produced by: Hello Halo
Broadcaster: CBeebies

Join Danny Sebastian, Zoe Pocock and their team of Junkyard Helpers at the Junkyard where day-to-day items and old junk are given a fun, practical, new life. Combining traditional crafts from across the UK, Junk Rescue makes sustainability fun, showing us how the things we throw away can be turned into something useable and encouraging young viewers to take the lead when it comes to upcycling.

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