Focus Spain: Audiovisual trends with the analysis of Gloria Saló

As a result of the evolution of linear channels and platforms in the audiovisual industry, scripted and unscripted are products that navigate between the two worlds, and platforms have found that incorporating unscripted content into their offerings helps them retain users, attract new ones, and create an attractive offer for advertisers in the SVOD advertising mode.
The unscripted offer ranges from the most technological novelty to the return of the classics through the hybridization of content. While linear channels are reinforced with unscripted genres such as reality shows, talents, game shows, magazines... platforms have found in docuseries an interesting and diversified content production, as true crime has given way to other types of real stories of relevant facts and events and especially to topics related to the world of sports with stories of athletes, teams and real events related to the sports world.
If we look at the schedules of the linear channels, we see that game shows are the genre par excellence in the schedules of La1 with El comodín and El cazador in the afternoon slot and Todos contra uno in PT; of Antena 3 with La Rueda de la Fortuna and Pasapalabra during DT and Atrapa un millón or El círculo de los famosos in PT; and of Telecinco with the afternoon game shows 25 palabras and Reacción en cadena.
Talent shows continue to offer entertainment in prime time with music as the main ingredient in the premieres of La1, Dúos Increíbles and Cover Night, as well as the new edition of Masterchef. New editions of formats such as Got Talent on Telecinco, The Voice and the evergreen Tu cara me suena on A3 also premiered.
Looking at the talk show genre in its different subgenres, we find the return of the talk show Viajando con Chester on Cuatro or Showriano on Movistar+ and the premiere of the nostalgic Días de Tele on La1, as well as the hybrid format of interview and factual Joaquín, el novato on A3.
In realities we find new seasons of Pesadilla en el paraíso (La Sexta) and Supervivientes on Telecinco, several productions on platforms such as HBO Max with The Traitors with elements of contest and coexistence, or the reality dating show Fboy Island España. In this line, Netflix also premieres ¿Te gusta mi follower? where influencers look for a partner for their fans and Telecinco premieres a classic for life: The Bachelorette.
Docuseries are developing especially in the world of platforms. There has been a shift from the unitary documentary to the serialized documentary that favors engagement with the subscriber through several installments of the product. True crime continues to be the star content with titles such as Amazon Prime Video's A Crime Story, HBO Max's Arny la historia de una infamia or RTVE Play's El asesino de la baraja. But sports docuseries are one of the main contents this season with Marc Márquez, Alexia Putellas or FC Barcelona as protagonists on Amazon Prime Video, the footballer Joaquín on Antena 3, the skater Javier Fernández on RTVE Play, or Real Madrid on AppleTV+. There has also been a proliferation of docuseries on recent events such as Los 8 de Irak on Movistar+ or those related to well-known characters such as La sagrada Familia, Osel and Salvar al rey on HBO Max.
Fiction production is characterized by the hybridization of genres, the mixture of themes (Fácil, Movistar+), originals (Sin huellas, Amazon Prime Video), IP's of pre-existing works (La chica de nieve, Nerflix), adaptations of successful formats (Honor, A3Media) ... which give rise to limited series, but also to series where the narrative universe can be extended in its daily broadcast (La promesa, La1), sequels (Los protegidos ADN, A3Player Premium), spin offs (Hasta el cielo, Netflix) or reboots (UPA Next, A3Player Premium).
Drama series tell romantic stories such as Todas las veces que nos enamoramos and the adaptation of the other drama Smiley (both Netflix) or Escándalo, retrato de una obsesión (Telecinco). Comedies explore personal relationships with Machos Alfa (Netflix) or No me gusta conducir (TNT). Fantasy and science fiction are present in the adaptation of the podcast Apagón (Movistar+), in the adaptation of the eponymous novel García! (HBO Max), or in the youth comedy Tú no eres especial (Netflix). The thriller covers different themes and scenarios with a murder in a military camp in Fuerza de paz (La1), or with the adaptation of the story of a crime that repeats itself in La novia gitana (A3Player Premium) and the disappearance of a young woman in a rural setting in the novel La chica invisible (Disney+).
Well-known characters continue to be a source of inspiration for fiction series, as in docuseries, as in the case of the artist couple Cristo y Rey (A3Player Premium) or El grito de la mariposas (Star+) based on the true story of the Mirabal sisters.

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