Two Words with Sergio Sancho founder of Phileas Productions

Two Words with Sergio Sancho founder of Phileas Productions
The Spanish company Phileas Productions is heading to Miptv (Cannes, April 17-19) with new formats and we met the founder for a quick chat about the news.

Sergio Sancho: founder and CEO of Phileas Productions. After spending several years working in the advertising industry, I decided that I wanted to have more than 30 seconds to tell stories and engage audiences, that’s why Phileas Productions was found – a company with a clear objective: create original and innovative formats able to attract and surprise the audience, both in the international market and in Spain.
Since then, we have created and produced shows all around the world, like Don’t say it, Bring it, Dinner of a life time, Crush, El discípulo del Chef, Trash Gallery, the 20 title piggy banks, Involution, Around the world in 80 days...
What are you launching at MIPTV?
I am coming to Mip with 3 new shows and 1 produced show.

First show is a big family prime time show called Can you keep the money is a co-creation with Wonwoo (Diturn, creator of Mask singer) with a very simple but cool premise: We all have music idols, we know their songs, their lyrics, but could you recognize them if they sing in front of you, but you are blindfold? If so, you can win big but if not, you will miss your opportunity to win big and see your idol in front of you.

A Game show called Cash in Cash out. I am sure you all have seen money machines in Narcos series or in a bank counting tons of bills!! Right? And who doesn’t like that sound and image? So based on that we have created a cool game show with a very iconic element “A BIG Money Machine!!! And the question is: Can our team of contestants answer correctly questions while seeing their money disappear in front of their eyes?

Next one is with Glow Media, and it’s a reality competition that test relationships called Love Disconnected. Where we are putting 16 singles leaving the best single live, except they are not (they are couples and ex-couples) and they must keep in secret with who are connection with to win.

And finally, I am working with my Ukraine colleague Pavel (United Heroes) on a show that they produced very successfully in Ukraine until the war started called Scarman. In this show we help people, suffering from physical and mental pain due to their scars made on dramatic event, like accident, surgery, burn; and turn them into a beautiful Tattoo made by great tattoo artist, so they can overcome the traumatic experience. It’s a beautiful, very visual and feel-good show that has been commissioned again in Ukraine and in advanced discussion in other territories.

How has the year started and how do you face it?
The year has started off differently, as after 5 great years working with Mediapro Studios, we decided by mutual agreement to finish the collaboration; but of course, we are and we will keep working together on all the shows that we have created in the past (like Trash Gallery, Dinner of a life time, Instant Millionaire, My village has Talent, Crush…)
Despite this change, we are approaching this new year with the same or even more energy. We are bringing new ideas, forming alliances with other great content creators, production companies, to develop shows together; like we have done recently with Wonwoo (Diturn), Glow Media, United Heroes, MyEntertainment…
In addition, we are also keep working in some scripted projects, as already 3 of our ideas have been picked, one already has been produced and soon will be on air, and the other 2 have been developed and hopefully soon will be in production.
Furthermore, we are refocusing on producing or co-producing shows in Spain.
So, as you can see, we have a very challenging but exciting year ahead.

Do you mind to update us with the old catalogue, adaptation, renovations etc.?

We got commissioned Dinner of a Life time in Israel and it has been produced, so soon will be on air; we also got renew in Chilevision El discipulo del chef” (season 4 with 40 prime time episodes), we have closed a deal with a great production company for Trash Gallery and we are all very excited to start production of the show.
NBCU Asia renewed Crush in Vietnam for a 3 season and now we have closed a deal with them to try to bring back our old show The 20 little piggy banks
We got season 4 of Don’t say it, bring it in Middle East, however this year has not been renewed but we are hoping to see the show being produce in other territories, and more things in discussion and negotiations.

What do you expect from this MIPTV?

I always come to MIP with a lot of excitement, to see face to face all the colleagues and friends from different territories. And of course, hoping that the new shows that we are launching grab the attention and get commissioned.
Also, it is a great way to get a sense of what are or will be the new trends, needs…
And if all that can be in a sunny Cannes, then it will be perfect!!