From Seychelles to the gas station: Rate the Date

From Seychelles to the gas station: Rate the Date
Monday 24th April will premiere on the German channel SAT.1 the fun dating show Rate My Date, produced by DPU GmbH and distributed by RedArrow.
In each episode of this primetime format, the famous comedian and host Ralf Schmitz (see pic) invites a new singleton looking for love to select their dream partner from 10 candidates, with the help of family and friends.
After 6 entertaining “get-to-know-you” rounds that reveal everything about the candidates – from spicy secrets and daily routines to dress sense and character traits -family and friends pass judgement on the prospective partners, evaluating them separately from the singleton.
They have to rate the suitability of the candidates using suitcases worth different amounts of prizes, ranging from a maximum of 25.000€ (a dream holiday to the Seychelles) to a cheap date with €1 (an ice-cream at the gas-station). Only when the singleton makes his final decision, he’ll find out where the journey will take him.
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