Factual reality Out of the office commissioned by NPO

Factual reality Out of the office commissioned by NPO
Dutch public broadcaster NPO confirms the commission of a first local series of factual reality format Out of Office, to be produced by I Care Productions, in collaboration with PIT, the production company behind the original Flemish production.
VTM launched this warm-hearted new factual format at the end of November with strong ratings. To no surprise, since mental health and burnout are huge topics amongst the working population.

In Out of Office we follow five people with burnout in a ground-breaking social experiment. They get to work on a local care farm, teaming up with its regular employees: people with disabilities, or rather ‘special qualities’. Together they take on a demanding project. Two worlds collide as they learn from each other along the way. Breaking down and building up again, both literally and symbolically. At the end of the project, our participants decide whether to go back to their old jobs or take a different path in life.
Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof: “We are delighted to bring this beautiful format to the Dutch market. It is such an important topic that needs to get more attention and ‘Out Of Office’ has all the elements needed to touch the viewer, entertain them and to show them another side of burnout.”

Says Laurens Woldberg, creative director at KRO-NCRV: “We are really looking forward to bringing this new tv-show to the Netherlands. In modern-day society, we see more and more people, both young and old, who have to deal with burnout and stress related problems. That is why we, as a Dutch media company, think it’s very important to pay attention to this subject and inspire people to be open about it, without prejudices.”

Out of Office was created and produced by PIT, VTM’s in-house development and production unit and distributed by Be-Entertainment.