Sky Nature launches Universe, a new space docuseries

Sky Nature launches Universe, a new space docuseries

Sky Nature is launching Universe, a new fascinating 5-episode docuseries about the wonders of the Universe we live in.

Every Friday, a group of experts will delve into the most recent scientific findings about the Sun, the Milky Way, black holes, the Big Bang and new, yet-undiscovered worlds. Episode after episode, the series will elaborate how the stars brought life to the Universe; how scientists are looking for a new Earth among all the planets in our galaxy; how the Big Bang did not actually ignite the creation of the Universe; how black holes work, and so much more in between.

The topic of the first episode will be the Sun, so familiar but with so much yet to be discovered: many related questions are just now receiving an answer, thanks to NASA’s new probe Parker Solar, which is collecting enormous amounts of data about stars all around the galaxy. Millions of years following the Big Bang, in fact, the first stars began to form and then die, dispersing elements into space and starting a process in which the atoms that make up our world, our bodies and everything we know were forged.

Universe will premiere on Sky Nature, Sky Go and NOW on Friday, March 10 at 9:15pm.