The Rise of The London Screenings

The Rise of The London Screenings
Among the markets and events born during the covid time, the London Tv Screenings (inaugurated 3rd March 2021 on the initiative of 5 independent prodcos / distributors: Banijay Rights, All3Media, Fremantle, eOne and ITV Studios) seems to be the most successful one and has already become a “classic”. This afternoon, 3rd March 2023, the 3rd edition (with 25 exhibitors, 5 times more compared to 2 years ago, and not only from UK) will end.
Among the unscripted contents, Sony presented the reality competition Self-Made, a kind of “extension” of the program - that was only focused on food - launched last September in Brazil. In this new version, four emerging entrepreneurs (of a different business area each season – from food products and clothing to gadgets and e-commerce) get the opportunity to redevelop their products with the help of a team of industry experts.
In each episode the entrepreneurs pitch their products and receive feedback to improve them across four different rounds – the pitch, product finesse, business advice and branding make-over. If they don’t excel at each stage they are eliminated. Once their product is finally market-ready, the two remaining entrepreneurs re-pitch to the judges for the chance to win a cash prize and entry into a mentorship program.

Fremantle, that will close the event, will present this afternoon a line up of 4 formats.
The first one is The Second Chance Ex-periment from Fremantle Portugal: divorced or separated couples are reunited and given a chance to repair their broken relationships. The ex-couples move in together for seven weeks and take on personalized challenges, carefully designed by therapists to help them overcome their issues. At the end of each week, the couples are asked during a symbolic ring ceremony if they would like to continue the experiment or go home alone.
The Beatbox (co-developed by Something Special + Blue Circle and Naked, both from Fremantle group) is a musical game-show where two celebrity teams compete by recreating iconic songs with nothing more than household objects.
The Big Celebrity Detox (produced by Thames, a Fremantle label, for E4 in the UK and not to be confused with Channel 4’s Extreme Celebrity Detox: same concept) which sees eight celebrities travel to a wellness resort, to help them cleanse their bodies and change their lives for the better. Under the guidance of a spiritual guide and other treatment experts, the celebrities will undergo some of the most extravagant detox treatments in the world.
Finally, there is DNA Singers (which has already been mentioned: see Friday’s Espresso 4th February 2022), that was launched in Korea and then in the Netherlands. In this guessing game, a family member of a famous singer -whose identity remains secret till the end- performs on stage in front of the judges who have to guess which celebrities the singers are genetically related to.
In the next issue we’ll see other London Screenings formats.
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