Sky launched western series Django

Sky launched western series Django
Sky Italy and Canal + in France launched the western series Django in the mid of February. The series which is a re-imagining of Servio Corbucci's cult movie is available for the subscribers of the european platforms and on NOW TV.

Django is a "spaghetti western series" in ten episodes entirely shot in English produced for Sky and CANAL+ by Cattleya and Atlantique Productions (part of Mediawan) and co-produced by Sky Studios and CANAL+, in collaboration with STUDIOCANAL and Odeon Fiction and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Romanian government.

The cast is very prestigious: Matthias Schoenaerts plays the iconic title character, alongside Nicholas Pinnock as John Ellis, the visionary founder of New Babylon, Lisa Vicari, who in the series is instead Sarah, Django's daughter, and Noomi Rapace as Ellis' powerful and ruthless enemy, Elizabeth Thurmann. Other performers include Jyuddah Jaymes, Benny O. Arthur and Eric Kole as John Ellis' sons, Tom Austen as cowboy Eljiah Turner and Camille Dugay who will play Margaret, Django's wife. With, Manuel Agnelli, Vinicio Marchioni, Thomas Trabacchi. And to pay homage to the myth of Sergio Corbucci's cult western, the extraordinary participation of Franco Nero.

The series is directed by Francesca Comencini, written by Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli.

Set in Texas in the 1800s, a violent and inhospitable place where man's eternal struggle for survival is renewed every day.
The clash between two opposing visions, between two cities founded on incompatible values, is the backdrop to the vicissitudes of a man in search of redemption and forgiveness, but also of justice. Arriving in New Babylon with the sole intention of killing his family's murderers, Django (Matthias Schoenaerts) becomes involved in the affairs of the community that inhabits this utopia made city, committed to opposing Elizabeth Thurman's (Noomi Rapace) ever more pressing claims on the land on which New Babylon stands, especially now that black gold has been found under those same lands.
It is precisely in order to extract this oil that Django, the daughter she thought lost, Sarah (Lisa Vicari), John Ellis (Nicholas Pinnock) and his children will try to buy a drill from John's old associate, Walter Breaver, and his partner, Oscar Beaunney, played by Manuel Agnelli, guest-star of the third episode. But nothing is easy in a world where everyone seems to act for their own benefit and where at the same time everyone's stories are much more connected than you might think. Django is still a long way from what he seeks - that forgiveness that his daughter is still unable to give him, because she is convinced that it is precisely her father's hands that are soiled with her family's blood, unaware of what motivated his choices. To comfort the man, the wise words of Reverend Jan, played by Franco Nero.