Saturday Night Slam

Saturday Night Slam
Television is changing, society is changing, but we mustn’t even underestimate the strength of the habits of a large amount of viewers, that will continue for a long time. One of them is watching a warm, family-friendly shiny-floor show on Saturday evening and night.
Picture Slam, produced for BBC by Triple Brew Media, is exactly that. The concept of this fun game show is very simple, as you expect in these cases: 3 teams of 2 contestants each face a series of pictures, and each picture is worth cash. In each round, the teams will be presented with a board full of images they need to correctly identify against the clock.
If they clear a full board with correct answers for a ‘Picture Slam’ they’ll receive a cash bonus. Only the team who makes it to the final will take home any of their banked cash and, if they can find all the required pictures, they’ll take home the jackpot of £10,000.
The show will be on air late spring and will be hosted by Alan Carr, one of the best around (sorry, I’m a fan of his…).
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