Deep Fake Neighbour Wars with A.I.

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars with A.I.
After the French Hôtel du temps (Hotel of time, see Friday’s Espresso 10th June), forerunner of this genre, another format uses Artificial Intelligence software to recreate celebrities.

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars (produced by Banijay’s prodco Tiger Aspect) premiered last 26th January on ITVX, the free BVoD of the English network ITV. In this case the purpose is ironic: these technologies are used to turn UK's best impersonators into worldwide celebrities, giving life to funny sketches: the “fake celebs” are ordinary people who happen to be embroiled in petty silly neighbour disputes.
In the first episode, for example, Kim Kardashian's neighbour Idris Elba restricts her access to the shared garden, and Greta Thunberg is upset by Conor McGregor and Ariana Grande’s perennial Christmas decorations.
The show is hilarious in itself, but maybe the most interesting thing is the use of AI, that is becoming massive in TV: see the announced Wizard of Sauce (Friday’s Espresso 3rd Feb), where completely new characters have been created with this kind of software. And other news won’t be long in coming.
(Thanks to Chiara Duranti, Formatbiz).

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