Eccho Rights to rep Feelgood series Krypto Kings

Eccho Rights to rep Feelgood series Krypto Kings
Eccho Rights is bringing brand new Norwegian comedy drama Krypto Kings to the international market.

Premiering on Norway’s TV2Play on 10th February, Krypto Kings is the story of two ordinary young men whose lives are turned upside down, when a speculative investment in crypto currency turns them into multi-millionaires.

“This is a hilarious but also touching story, of a friendship that is dealt a lucky hand, but then subject to the pressures and stresses that come with unexpected riches. The boom in volatile crypto currencies and its effects is a phenomenon that has been seen around the world, and we’re sure that this story will hit home with international audiences,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, CEO of Eccho RIghts.

Lars and Asim are two nerdy, shy, small town boys, who put some of their savings into crypto as 16 year olds. When they check in on their investment 6 years down the line, they discover that they are millionaires. Krypto kings is a comedy series that explores what happens if young adults get filthy rich overnight. What would you do? Who will you become? What is your new life goal? And why is your mother still coming over to vacuum the floor?

Krypto Kings is created by Vegard Thomassen, executive produced by Thomas Giertsen and Lasse Hallberg for Monday Production/Feelgood in Oslo. Two seasons of 8 x 23’ have been commissioned.