A new generation of T(alents)

A new generation of T(alents)
It’s a brilliant time to be a digital creator. More and more often broadcasters and also some big prodcos select and sign the best ones to produce contents (especially unscripted) under their brands, for a range of platforms and devices.
For example, Talentworks, a department of BBC Studios, provides a bridge between the traditional media company which delivers thousands of hours of content to “classic” broadcasters, and a new generation of content creators. In their team there are “pure”, indie authors, but also “more advanced” ones, who founded their own production company, like -just to give an example- Joe Sugg with his Final Straw Productions, focusing on developing entertainment and factual entertainment formats.
ITV, on its part, launched an interesting initiative for young creatives to turn their ideas into real contents. Channel 4 last October launched an all new digital-first brand, Channel 4.0, and asked content creators to collaborate on the project. Among them Nella Rose, who hosts a fun “airport game show”, where two sets of friends battle it out to win themselves the ultimate party holiday (see pic): in due proportion, quite a classical structure, also as regards length (18-19’).
And that’s only talking about Great Britain…
The borders between “television” and “digital” are becoming more and more blurred, and maybe this distinction doesn’t make sense anymore. Anyway, if we want to make a synthesis, we are witnessing the “televisionisation” of streaming rather than the “streamingisation” of television.
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