Alberto Angela launches in prime time Wonders - Stars of Europe

Alberto Angela launches in prime time Wonders - Stars of Europe
The first episode of new documentary series hosted by Alberto Angela and titled Wonders - Stars of Europe (Meraviglie - Stelle d'Europa) broadcast by Rai 1 on Wednesday, January 4 in prime time, recorded 2.6mln viewers with an audience share of 16.4% vs Canale 5 period drama Sissi that achieved 2mln viewers and an audience share of 12.7%.
In the first episode, Alberto Angela discovered Ancient Greece. Actor Luca Zingaretti interpreted Pericles' famous speech to the Athenians and Yuri Chechi talked about his Olympic adventure in the Greek capital. The journey ends in front of the colors of the Aegean Sea at Cape Sounio, where the temple of Poseidon has stood out against the sunset for millennia.

The journey continued across the Italian region of Tuscany in Florence and its imprint on European culture during the Renaissance. From the dome of the Duomo to the surrounding treasures of Giotto's bell tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni. Alberto Angela showed the details of Michelangelo's David in a whole new light.

The series is distributed by Rai com.