Auditel: 2022 record year for Mediaset

Auditel: 2022 record year for Mediaset
Mediaset is by far the fastest growing television publisher in 2022.

In the 2022 World Cup, Auditel data record Mediaset networks' audience growth in all main programming slots, bucking the trend against the competition of the public service public service, which also sees a retreat in audience share in the total audience.
Mediaset networks in the 24 hours also grew by +2.3 percentage points on the overall Italians while the public service networks, despite the World Cup, dropped -1.4 points in 2022.
Further increasing was the gap on the 15-64 year-old target, the most important one for investors advertising: in the total day, with 40.1 percent share, Mediaset's advantage over the public service exceeds 8 points.
In 2022, Mediaset's editorial work on its programming led to a growth audience for all major genres: more audience for entertainment, more audience for drama, more audience for news. This is shown by the trends of the individual generalist networks.

Canale 5 grows: the most viewed Italian television network on the commercial target broadens its gap from Rai 1 over 24 hours by more than 5 percentage points (19.3 percent vs. 14.2 percent) on the active audience.

Italia 1 grows on its target audience, the 15-34 year-old target, in prime time increases the gap from Rai2 bringing it to 3.9 points (Italia1 8.5% / Rai2 4.6%).

Rete 4 grows on total audience confirms its 24-hour lead over its direct competitor (4.2 percent vs. 3.8 percent) and increases its lead in prime time information (5.7 percent versus 4.4%).

Finally, looking only at Fall 2022, very significant is the growth of Mediaset networks both on the younger audience and on all Italians, where a historic overtaking even took place: from September 4

September to November 19, Mediaset's 37.9 percent 24-hour share surpassed the ratings of the public television service (37.2 percent). And in prime time it maintained the lead over all Italians until the end of December (including the World Cup) with 39.5 percent against 36.0 percent. Mediaset in 2022 has managed to attract even older audiences accustomed to Rai programming. A result that goes far beyond the best goals of commercial television.
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