ATF: Two Words with Mr Jay Yang, CEO, TVING

ATF: Two Words with Mr Jay Yang, CEO, TVING
Before Christmas we'd like to publish another special interview focused on Asia and its trends. This time we met Mr Jay Yang, CEO, TVING

What are the hig format in your country?
In Korea, dramas, entertainment, and movies are the most popular on OTT platforms.
What’s the trend in unscripted?
Over the past 10 years, so-called observational entertainment or auditions have been the most popular. Observational entertainment is a program that mainly shows celebrities or artists performing certain missions, such as traveling, opening a restaurant, or escaping from a specially designed space, to viewers. It is still the most popular format. Audition programs are also a format that is used quite often due to the popularity of K-pop. Recently, love reality shows are popular, and TVING's original content called EXchangewas a huge hit in Korea.

What are the future projects?
In 2023, TVING selected entertainment as the core content field for next year. We are to newly showcase two survival entertainment shows, ‘The Dessert’ and ‘The Time Hotel'. In addition, Our first Travel entertainment show “Ticketing with Two Feet” featuring actors Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, Choi Min-ho, and Yeo Jin-goo is also included in the lineup. TVING is also launching representative franchise IPs, ‘High School Mystery Club 3’ and ‘EXchage 3’. In addition, Season 2 of the love counselling entertainment show ‘Witch Hunt’ and the couple reality show ‘Caught Between Marriage & Divorce’ will also be released.
We also prepare competitive scripted content. Actors Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo, and Seong-jun appear in ' island'. It is also a content that is aired globally through Amazon Prime Video at the same time as domestic release. In addition, ' Duty After School' based on the popular webtoon, 'Cruel Intern(working title)', a fierce survival story of an intern in his 40s who was reinstated after 7 years, solid friendship and love story 'All That we loved' and others will be released in 2023.

Did you close any international deals with your formats?

No deals have been concluded yet. However, it is just two years since the TVING started original content, and we already have several hit content. We expect that format deals will also come out at some point in the near future.

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