Two Words with Lee Tae-hyun, CEO, Wavve

Two Words with Lee Tae-hyun, CEO, Wavve
During ATF , the Asia TV Forum held in Singapore, we had the chance to talk to Mr  Lee Tae-hyun, CEO, Wavve and ask some questions about its hit formats. 

What are the popular formats in your country?

Primarily scripted dramas and entertainment shows. Both of Wavve Originals and Korean top 3 broadcasters’(KBS/MBC/SBS) dramas and entertainment & reality shows have had the highest content consumption hours in the past.
2. What’s the trend in unscripted content?
Variety shows casting celebrities to play games or cooking contests were popular in the past, however nowadays, the dating reality shows are becoming more popular. In addition, we have released many differentiated “Wavve Original” reality shows this year across from LGBT to the reality version of Squid Game and had successful outcomes contributing to our paid subscriber and active user growth.

 What future projects are in the pipeline?

We are in the process of producing Wavve Originals with unique themes:

• Game of Blood 2 is a survival reality show which centers around survivalists who stay in the same house and play the brain game to win the grand prize. This new season’s casts include a well-known athlete, poker tournament winner, perfect SAT score student, etc.

• National Investigation Agency 
is a reality documentary that follows detectives investigating various crime scenes.

Did you close any international deals with your formats?

Game of Blood mentioned earlier in the previous Q&A has sold its format to over 10 countries including Europe and Australia. There has been a limited number of global format sales as per the short history of Wavve Originals, however we are expecting to see many more global format transactions with ongoing development.