Korea's Prime Minister awards Diane Min, the Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM

 Korea's Prime Minister awards Diane Min, the Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM
CJ ENM’sHead of Format Sales, Diane Min, received a Korean Prime Minister Citation Award at the 2022 Korea Content Awards. The Korea Content Awards is the nation’s most prestigious content awards ceremony that discovers and honors content and contributors that played a role in the development of the Korean content industry.

Diane who has been in charge of international content sales since 2010, was recognized for her consistent and successful efforts in global content distribution. Establishing a format sales team for Flowers’ and ‘I Can See Your Voice’ a world-traveling format. ‘Grandpas over Flowers’, also known as ‘Better Late than Never’, was the first Korean format show to be aired on US network NBC in Korean entertainment history. The Emmy-nominated format ‘I Can See Your Voice’ has been sold in 27 countries and achieved a cumulative sales revenue of 10 billion won for a single format. She promoted the excellence of Korean content by leading export contracts for US FOX and UK BBC.

"It is a huge honor to receive such a big award. I believe this recognition is not only to me but also to the CJ ENM Format Sales team, who have been putting so much effort into distributing unique and fresh formats to the global stage. That is why I feel much more grateful. We will work and travel harder to deliver CJ ENM’s original content and expand the production of our formats around the world. Thank you!" Diane stated.

Meanwhile, Choi Jung-nam the producer of CJ ENM’s hit dance entertainment show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was awarded with Korea’s President’s Commendation.