Two Words with Wonwoo Park CEO of DITUR

Two Words with Wonwoo Park CEO of DITUR
During ATF we had the chance to ask some questions to Mr Wonwoo Park, CEO & Chief Creator, DITURN about the trends and most popular titles in Asia.

What are the hig format in your country?

'Dating reality show’ has been an increasing popular format in Korea, with each channel and platform having more than one of their own ‘dating reality shows’. We also have recently created a dating reality show called “Office Romance”, in which love relationships take place in the office. The show has been gaining considerable popularity.
In addition, another popular format is the ‘sports reality show’, in which celebrities play various sports. It seems that viewers are inspired watching celebrities' best efforts and challenges.

What’s the trend in unscripted?
I think current rising trends in unscripted formats are 'best effort' and ‘hyperrealism’. As the word 'unscripted' suggests, many viewers are attracted to a format that reduced the need for a script and captures reality. This can be due to the influence of YouTube and TikTok, the short-form platform in which viewers can create their content.
Today’s viewers seem to be interested in a more realistic story than acting by the script.

What are the future projects?
We are now preparing for a new music show, travel show, and a talent show. We are also working on an entertainment show that includes future technologies. This will give fresh feelings to viewers. Some of the shows with FOX TV are going to launch, and will soon be introduced to viewers.
I believe that these new shows will be very exciting to viewers, so please keep an eye on our new releases.

Did you close any international deals with your formats?
I created 10 years ago and have been producing in Korea until now. Thanks to the grand success of masked singers, we have the opportunity to pitch and present our ideas overseas through NBCU and the first look deal with FOX TV.
Our ideas such as , , and are working with Sony Pictures, Banijay, and Media Ranch. Also, the music game show is in the process of having a global contract.
Through these channels, all our shows are getting ready to meet viewers worldwide.