Botticelli in Florence is the new docu-film produced by Ballandi for Sky Arts

Botticelli in Florence is the new docu-film produced by Ballandi for Sky Arts
The docu-film Botticelli in Firenze produced by Ballandi for Sky Arte with Nexo Digital will premiere on November 29, 29 and 30.
Conceived and written by Francesca Priori and directed by Marco Pianigiani with the narrative voice of Jasmine Trinca is enriched with the interview of arts & history experts like Alessandro Cecchi director of the Casa Buonarrotti Museum in Florence, Ana Debenedetti, curator of the drawings and paintings section of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; FrancoCardini, professor of Medieval History at the University of Florence;  JonathanNelson, professor of art history at Syracuse University in Florence; MarcoCiatti, director of the semi-precious stone factory in Florence; KateBryan, art historian; ChiaraCappelletto, associate professor of aesthetics at the Philosophy Department of the University of Milan; #EdwardBuchanan, Creative Director of Sansovino 6.

In Botticelli e Firenze. La Nascita della Bellezza there are evocative images of the city and shots of extraordinary works alternate with the voices of international experts, scholars, art historians who narrate the Florence of Lorenzo de' Medici, discovering one of the symbolic artists of the Italian Renaissance: SandroBotticelli.

The docufilm will make it possible to retrace the Florentine spring period through the gaze of the artist, who represents those years in his works, expressing the character of his fellow citizens in the passion for work, in extreme competitiveness and resourcefulness, in knowing how to weave the right relationships social and always knowing how to satisfy the wishes of public and private clients.