Makeover show La Dottoressa Smile is back with a full series on Real Time

Makeover show La Dottoressa Smile is back with a full series on Real Time
Real Time broadcast a new series titled La Dottoressa Smile on Wednesday, November 22 at 22.50. The series follows a pilot broadcast in 2021.
The show is an original format conceived by an idea of Nando Moscariello and produced by his company Vivi la vita.
The first six episodes are also available on Discovery Plus. 

In each episode, doctor Annapaola Manfredonia helps helps dentist helps people to solve their problems related to their smile and teeth.  
"The concept of the format is simple - said Moscariello - smiles change lives: self-confidence, appearance,  and the way you are in a social community ! and this make-over really helps people to start a new life".
The doctor is top-notch Neapolitan dentist, wife and mother full of life who will meet different people with their stories and after the first visit, she will decide what kind of surgery or operation he/she needs. In each episode, there is a "before" and "after" like in the traditional make-over program.

There will be three patients in the first episode: Cyrus aka "Jaws," a young man who, at the threshold of 40 years old, wants to solve his severe dental problems in order to find a girlfriend.
Rosalba, a housewife who, because of her teeth, has not kissed her husband in 3 years; Jennifer, a pop singer with a dilemma over her image and her smile

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