Singing in Japan - Nippon TV launches Vocals Like Locals

Singing in Japan - Nippon TV launches Vocals Like Locals
Nippon Tv has always stood for the originality of their formats: maybe not all of them are so effective, but often remarkable. For example, one of their classics, Old Enough, a little gem, has recently been revived by Netflix, becoming a success.
Also their last brand-new talent show, Vocals Like Locals, has a distinctive twist. Amateur singers from around the world sing a local hit from their favorite foreign country, trying to sound like a native, while not necessarily even speaking the local language.
For example, an Indian woman who doesn’t speak Korean sings a k-pop hit, a French man who loves Japanese food sings a Japanese song, a Peruvian high-school group sings a piece from Singapore and so on.
Renowned celebrities will judge and choose the winner. The winners of the first round will advance to the finals to compete for the championship. One of them will be crowned the champion and get the chance to meet the hit song’s original singer.
The variety of costumes, styles, countries, moods etc. makes this show fun and enjoyable.
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