Metaverse will enter in The Voice

Metaverse will enter in The Voice
It’s the news of the week: the worldwide known talent show TheVoice will enter the metaverse, thanks to a partnership between ITV Studios and Virtual Brand Group (VBG), a specialized company that already cooperates with video-games giants like Roblox.
The details are not yet revealed. According to an official note, “fans from across the world will get the opportunity to engage with the show - anytime, anywhere - in an environment built for them and be part of their own musical journey in ways never dreamed of before”.
Basically, the “Meta-Voice” experience will be structured in 3 assets:
• Building virtual experiences and social games, including events where fans and friends can enjoy contents, showcase skills and challenge each other.
• Creating a web3 loyalty program that rewards viewership for the time across all their interactions (social media, watching the tv show, buying virtual or physical merchandise…).
• Developing a new form of metaverse global competition that goes far beyond the real-life version.
Despite of the fact that Zuckerberg’s metaverse is not going well at all (in Horizon Worlds - Meta’s metaverse - there are 200,000 users a month -in constant decline- against a target of 500,000), the “general” metaverse, intended as a multifaceted, shared virtual space, is expanding more and more. In particular, in our field, the winning formula seems precisely this: a “traditional” show on a “traditional” Tv or streaming platform, “enriched” with extensions of the experience (merchandising, events, social games, interactions with other users…) on metaverse.

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