Announced the 4th season of The Treehouse Stories

Announced the 4th season of The Treehouse Stories
Emmy Award-winning French animation production and distribution company Dandelooo announces that Season 4, with animation from 26 new books (26 episodes x 7 minutes) of the highly popular series The Treehouse Stories (La Cabane à Histoires) is set to air daily on Canal+ Kids and available on myCANAL.

Commissioned by Canal+ and directed by Célia Rivière, the successful preschool series is a co-production with Caribara Production (Paris) and Bardaf! Productions (Belgium). Targeted at 4 to 7-year-olds, the Emmy Award winning The Treehouse Stories mixes live action with 2D animation and centers around a group of friends who meet in a secret treehouse to share their favorite books. Each episode dives into one story with a different design from the top children's books from around the world. By adapting the best books in a faithful and loyal way and using traditional animation based on the original designs, this enthralling series entices and invites children to read.

Live action shooting of Season 4 took place in the Victorines Studio, Nice in August with team leader and great reader Jade (Nina Liwer), Fanny (Juliane Lepoureau), and three new cast members, Paloma (Allyah Bias da Veiga), Noé (Sylvan Craipeau) and Emile (Martin Mazerais).

Season 4 has been pre-sold to TV5 Monde (worldwide), RTBF (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland), RUV (Iceland), and Arte Editions (France). To date, the series has aired in over 160 countries including Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile, Taiwan, the UK, France, Argentina, and Croatia, and as a successful format in China (CCTV).