It's a Pet's World

It's a Pet's World
If I had to indicate the most typical format trend of the pandemic era, I would say for sure the pet show. Of course, programs with pets have always existed, but they were quite rare and isolated. Vice-versa during the Covid time these shows have blossomed like flowers on the screens all around the world (with different results, as usual): Dieting With My Dog, Pooch Perfect, Dog Patrol, Puppy School, Second Chance Pets, Top Dog, Dog Almighty, Dog House are just some titles of this trend.
Now another brand-new format is added to this long list: Dating With Dogs (created by the French Coyote and sold by London-based Can’t Stop Media), which will premiere on TF1 Group’s TFX on 26th October.
The concept is clear from the title: thanks to the show’s dating application (nice element!), singletons will select different suitors relying on their instinct as their choice is solely based on the suitor’s dog photos and a few personal info.
Before meeting the owner, the singleton will only meet their dates’ dogs on a romantic “face-to-nose” and, after that, the singletons must eliminate one of the suitors before meeting them in person.
The singletons, the suitors and their dogs will then spend a week-end together at the singleton’s place. They’ll do anything in order to seduce each other, while making sure the alchemy also happens with the dogs.

The formula owner/pet continues to work, since Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITP) has already optioned it in 12 countries, including the US and the UK.

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