yes Studios introduces new titles for MIPCOM, docu-reality Series about the Diva herself, Dana International and dramedy, 'You Should've Heard of Us'

yes Studios brings two new exciting titles to MIPCOM 2022, "Viva la Diva", an explosive docu-reality series with Eurovision icon & LGBTQI+ ambassador Dana International and a touching dramedy centered around two women reuniting after four decades and reclaiming what was taken from them titled "You Should've Heard of Us".
'Viva la Diva' gives us access to the internationally loved, Eurovision Icon and LGBTQI+ ambassador Dana International after 23 years in the spotlight. The series, which is set to air in Israel in early 2023 will give viewers an inside look into the life behind the cultural icon and winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest..
Famously known for refusing to be a part of the 'celebrity milieu' and fighting for equality across the world, Dana is finally ready to show the world the real her, uncensored and unapologetic and, of course, staying true to her outspoken nature. With a career that spans over two decades and reaching a status of an eternal pop Queen that includes the release of twenty albums, in this 14 part series, Dana is determined to show fans what is really happening behind-closed-doors and, for the first time, exposing her family and closest friends to the viewers.
'You Should've Heard of Us' takes us on a journey of longing and friendship when Chava and Nava, two women in their 60's who were once best friends, reunite after 40 years following the death of Chava's husband. First meeting back in 1974 when they both joined the last golden era of the Military band - when singing soldiers were the biggest stars of the country – they quickly understood the dark side of success.
Finishing their mandatory military service with fresh trauma and scattered dreams, they left each other to go on with their uneventful lives. Their reunion brings with it waves of memories and emotions that sets the women on the journey of confronting everything they repressed for all these years.
The series was created by Noa Erenberg and Galit Hoogi and directed by Guri Alfi-Aharon (My Darling Sisters)
Both series are produced by Tedy Productions and yes TV
yes Studios handles the distribution for both titles.
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