Casta Diva Entertainment Strengthens its team

Casta Diva Entertainment Strengthens its team
Casta Diva Entertainment, the television production business unit of Casta Diva (part of Casta Diva Group), established in January 2021, has immediately proved extraordinarily successful with the public and received unanimous critical acclaim. In just a few months in business, it has devised and produced several different original TV formats, and this has become the signature feature of the brand. These original programmes include Come una volta – Un amore da favola, currently in distribution abroad. The company has also looked beyond national borders, bringing a number of particularly interesting international TV programmes into Italy, such as Incroyables Transformations (M6) and This Is My House, making it one of the most productive Italian companies in the sector, standing out for the quality of its content and the speed of its performance.
In view of the significant new challenges ahead, the branch has now reorganised its team, bringing extraordinarily talented professionals to the forefront. Under the management of CEO Fabio Nesi and Chief Creative Officer Massimo Righini, the team will be composed of Francesco Gorgoni, Head of the Creative Team, who will be in charge of developing original formats and adapting international formats; Giuseppe Colella, formerly of the newswire service La Presse, who will be in charge of devising documentaries; Andrea Vetuschi, Head of Production, who will be in charge of all productions and Francesca Panigutto, Chief Marketing Officer, who will be responsible for branded content.
“We are very satisfied with the success we’ve achieved so far, and we are proud of the team we have created”, said Fabio Nesi and Massimo Righini, respectively CEO of the Casta Diva production house and Chief Creative Officer of Casta Diva Entertainment. “We hold the people we have brought onto our team in high personal and professional esteem: they are all highly talented individuals with lengthy experience, and we are sure their valuable contribution will make us even more competitive on the market and help us meet the most challenging demands of our clients”, concluded Nesi and Righini.