Book series Les Toutous to be adapted by Dandelooo

Book series Les Toutous to be adapted by Dandelooo
Dandelooo is adapting Dorothée de Monfreid’s book series Les Toutous into a children’s TV show.

Titled A Day with the Dogs, the 78×7’ adaptation is a 2D-animated character-driven comedy series aimed at four- to seven-year-olds.

Directed by Cédric Guarneri and coproduced by Dandelooo and Barcelona-based prodco Teidees, A Day with the Dogs follows the adventures of a St. Bernard who is overwhelmed by his troop of crazy pooch cousins.

Each episode takes place over the space of a day, during which the dogs are confronted with a simple problem or desire. But for every simple problem, the pooches always manage to find complicated solutions.

Dandelooo is showcasing A Day with the Dogs to potential partners at Cartoon Forum next week.