Tomas Gennari CEO of BB Media had a keynote at OTT.X Fall Summit in LA

Tomas Gennari CEO of BB Media had a keynote at OTT.X Fall Summit in LA
An overview of OTT landascape was traced by BB Media at OTT.X Fall Summit last August 31 to September 1 2022 in Los Angeles as Tomas Gennari, CEO of BB Media, attended the event as a speaker of the "Growing your footprint" panel.

The OTT.X Fall Summit event promotes all about TVOD, SVOD, AVOD & FAST. The FAST business model is relatively new and is gaining importance in the market quickly. Out of all the total titles monitored worldwide by BB Media, 52% correspond to SVOD, 45% to TVOD and 29% to AVOD.

The AVOD business model is becoming increasingly popular. The TOP 3 streaming services under this business model, according to the number of available titles, are Tubi (46,560 unique titles available globally), Plex (17,803 unique titles) and The Roku Channel (13,478 unique titles).

Another interesting insight is that United States is the country where there are the most titles under the AVOD business model (100,598 titles) followed by Canada (53,305 titles) and India (38,422 titles).

When analyzing original content of streaming platforms with the AVOD model, Zee5 is the streaming platform with the most content of this type (7,319 titles), pursued by IQIYI (906 titles) and IciTouTv (471 titles). Moreover, the AVOD platforms with the newest titles (released less than year ago), are Tubi with 815 titles which are in this category, BBC iPlayer with 683 titles, Verizon On Demand with 547 titles, among other streaming platforms.

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