Israeli comedy series La Famiglia commissioned in Georgia

Israeli comedy series La Famiglia commissioned in Georgia
Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, has today announced that its hilarious scripted comedy La Famiglia has been commissioned in Georgia by the Georgian Public Broadcaster. The first season will consist of 30 episodes.

With over 350 episodes commissioned around the world, La Famiglia, the most adapted Israeli comedy, continues to expand worldwide. A second season will begin airing in India this week on Amazon Prime Video, after a successful first season. The format, which originally aired three seasons in Israel, has also traveled to Austria, Cyprus, Russia and Greece.
Developed and produced by United Studios of Israel and created by Ran Dovrat, Avi Belkin and Ohad Perach, La Famiglia (45x30’) follows the lives of a perfectly normal suburban family living in the divorce capital of the country. With many reasons to be happy, they have even more reasons to go to therapy – their sex life, his best friend, her complaints, and of course, his mother. Their therapy sessions provide the entertaining basis for the series, through which we flashback to the comical, stand-alone scenes from their daily life. Each episode is a new therapy session in which they bring up the most embarrassing, bizarre, awkward and insane moments that are a part of every family’s life.
Tina Berdzenishvili, Director General of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, “At GPB we cherish not only the popularity of the content, but also the values and diversity it can bring to viewers – and that is why we chose ‘La Famiglia’. The show will be adapted to fit our Georgian reality, family dynamics and lifestyle for our audience. The product will be filmed by the West Vector Production studio, commissioned by the GPB, as it is our aim to promote the development of the local creative industry. We are looking forward to going on air and anticipate the show to become a favorite amongst Georgian viewers.”

Elizaveta Makarova, Sales Executive for CEE, CIS & Latin Europe at Armoza Formats, “Every household in the world has some dynamics in common - which is why this light-hearted show is so relatable to viewers from any country. I am very excited that Georgia has joined our ‘La Famiglia’ and I am sure they will add a wonderful, local twist to this hilarious sitcom.”
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