Wild Things to be produced in Italy

Wild Things to be produced in Italy
Italian comedian duo PanPers will present the local adaptation of Banijay's format Wild Things for Boing.
The show will be aired in Autumn under the title of Wild Things - Il Bosco dei più pazzi.

In each episode a group of kids aged between 8 and 12 will compete andwork together for a chance to walk away with a cash prize that lies deep within the forest.

To win, contestants will need to overcome a range of fantastic obstacle courses and challenges. But it won’t be easy, because one of them will be dressed as a woodland creature and will not be able to see a thing. They will have to rely upon their playing partner to guide them through the various challenges they’ll encounter. 

The show has been produced locally in 8 territories and in UK Sky1 already aried 3 seasons.
The format was also winner  of the Rose d’Or Competition for Best TV Game Show.
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