Nove launched a new quiz show Cartacanta

Nove launched a new quiz show Cartacanta
Nove  launched a new game show Cartacanta - The Quiz, hosted by Marco Travaglio and Selvaggia Lucarelli. The new quiz is focused on politics, customs, entertainment and, in general, current affairs.
The host Marco Travaglio, is the Chief Editor of news daily magazine Il Fatto Quotidiano while Selvaggia Lucarelli is a famous influencer and TV personality.
The show  (12 episodes) launched on Friday, July 22 at 10.45PM is produced by Loft Productions for Warner Bros. Discovery and it's also available on Discovery +.

In each episode, a couple of competitors will challenge each other on various multiple choice questions on the most important events and characters in recent Italian history.

The game consists of two distinct phases: in the first round, points will be accumulated by answering - via buzzer - the various questions, while in the second round the winner (the "champion") will face monographic questions on prominent names for Italy and the its pop culture, from Mario Draghi to Maria De Filippi, from Beppe Grillo to Francesco Totti up to Massimo Giletti and Barbara D'Urso and many others.

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