Rai Play new teen dramedy 5 Minutes before premiered at Giffoni's Film Festival

Rai Play new teen dramedy 5 Minutes before premiered at Giffoni's Film Festival
Passions, conflicts, hopes and disappointments of adolescence: these are the main themes of the new dramedy series 5 minutes before directed by Duccio Chiarini, produced by Panamafilm (Riccardo Brun, Paolo Rossetti and Francesco Siciliano) and Rai Fiction. The series will be aired in autumn on Rai Play platform.

Life is a succession of firsts, but adolescence is even more so. The first love. The first goodbye. The first important choice. And obviously the first time par excellence. "The anxiety of the first time involves us all and for this reason this story speaks to teenagers and also to their parents" says the producer Francesco Siciliano who in the series also plays the father of Nina, the sixteen year old protagonist of this story interpreted by Tecla Insolia who will be present in Giffoni on July 30 to perform in concert at the Giffoni Music Concept.
"The idea of ​​this series is to give a voice to all those kids who find it difficult to live too fast with the hope that the kids can identify themselves." comments Duccio Chiarini, the director of the 8-episode series, despite thinking of today's young people and adolescents as an uninhibited generation in which you have to be cool and visible as you often see on social media. In the teaser presented today at # Giffoni2022 the emotional story of the protagonist is told in comics that come to life and tell the lives she is not living. While her friends' stories of love and sex unfold around her. Nina tries in every way to feel "normal", discovering that being different is perhaps the only thing that can help her understand what she really wants. Also in the room the two interpreters of the series Laura Martinelli and Edoardo Pagliai.