Formatbiz presents a new column by Axel Fiacco on TV trends - every Friday a topic on formats and more

Formatbiz presents a new column by Axel Fiacco on TV trends - every Friday a topic  on formats and more
Today we launch a new column by Axel Fiacco, TV Format Specialist and founder of FORMAT ESPRESSO, dedicated to formats and trends in the international market.
Starting from today we have an article focused on technology and metaverse in the unscripted TV Shows.


Recently a huge amount of news regarding new technologies and metaverse in unscripted has come out everywhere. If you feel a little puzzled, don’t worry: it’s absolutely normal, also because there are lots of different topics mixed together, in a big, confused media jam.
Let’s try to make some order, dividing the various levels of the issue and seeing the state of the art of each one. It will take some time, sorry for that; but I think it’s useful to start giving some stakes.
PRODUCTION LEVEL. First of all, there is an increasing number of shows that use new technologies (CGI - Computer Generated Imagery: the big family of 3D computer graphics used for creating characters, scenes and special effects in films and television; VR - Virtual Reality and so on) to have cost advantages.
For example, working with a virtual set compared to on-location productions permits not being subjected to the time of day or weather elements, i.e., having an unlimited ‘golden hour’. Virtual studios, compared to the “real” ones, have greater flexibility and so on… Examples of this level are Family Piggy Bank (FE 21 Jan), Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway (FE 3 Jun), The Connection (FE 10 Jun) and others.
No problem, in this case. All these are mature technologies and won’t change entertainment at all: they just will make it more effective.

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