Raul Bova is the star of Giustizia per tutti

Raul Bova is the star of Giustizia per tutti
Canale 5 to premiere a new drama series Giustizia per tutti on Wednesday 18 May, in prime time, starring Raoul Bova and his partner Rocío Muñoz Morales.

The three-part series, produced by R.B Produzioni and Showlab for Mediaset, sees in the cast, beside Bova and Morales: Anna Favella, Francesca Vetere, Giulia Battistini, Jacopo Crovella, Giuseppe Antignati, Elia Moutamid, Rossella Brescia, Anna Ferruzzo, Roberto Zibetti, Giada Di Palma, Silvia Lorenzo, Beppe Rosso.

Directed by Maurizio Zaccaro and written by Andrea Nobile, “Giustizia per Tutti” is set in the city of Turin, the exclusive location of the filming of the series. The project was carried out with the collaboration of Film Commission Torino Piemonte and was supported by the Por-Fesr Funds (Piemonte Film TV Fund) disbursed through the Piedmont Region.

The series tells the story of Roberto, a respected photographer, who is sentenced to thirty years for the murder of his wife, a lawyer in an important Turin office. He finds Beatrice's body, contaminating the murder scene and he is sent to prison.
After 10 years, Roberto does not give up, he continues to fight for justice, looking for new possibilities. He wants to prove his innocence and he studies law to rebuild his reputation. 

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