Eccho Rights and Dopamine join BBC and LA Productions on Granite Harbour

Eccho Rights and Dopamine join BBC and LA Productions on Granite Harbour
Eccho Rights and Mexican studio Dopamine are partnering on bringing upcoming BBC Drama Granite Harbour to the international market.

The series, produced by UK outfit LA Productions for BBC One, BBC Scotland and iPlayer, is currently in production and Eccho Rights will launch the series for international sales later this year.

Granite Harbour centres on the story of Lance Corporal Davis Lindo (Romario Simpson) who arrives in Aberdeen as a new recruit to Police Scotland.

Having completed his final tour with the Royal Military Police in the Caribbean, Lindo dreams of being a detective at New Scotland Yard. However, he finds himself being sent to train as a Detective Constable in the North East of Scotland, and he must quickly adapt to his new life in Aberdeen, a world away from anything this soldier has known before.

Lindo finds an ally in his mentor, DCI Tara ‘Bart’ Bartlett (Hannah Donaldson), a razor-sharp, streetwise Aberdonian who is used to going solo. Together, this unlikely partnership must navigate the choppy waters of their first case – the murder of one of Aberdeen’s most recognisable faces from the Oil Industry. Suddenly, Lindo and Bartlett find themselves thrust into a corporate battle between old and new energy.

“This fish-out-of-water story spoke to us as perfect for the international market. It provides a unique insight into the UK from an outsider’s perspective, as Lindo has to navigate the complex world of British police work - something he thought would feel familiar but ultimately wasn’t at all what he was expecting,” says Adam Barth, Director of Co-productions, Acquisitions and Development at Eccho Rights.

The series is produced in association with Dopamine, and represents the latest international project from the Mexico-based studio, whose recent credits include the Connie Nielsen and Christopher Eccleston vehicle Close to Me.

“As an international company with a different perspective ourselves, Lindo’s story resonated with us and we are delighted to partner with Eccho Rights, the fantastic team at LA Productions and of course the BBC on bringing this exciting new series to viewers all over the world,” says Fidela Navarro CEO of Dopamine
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