Bang Bang Baby on Amazon Prime Video premiered on April 28

Bang Bang Baby on Amazon Prime Video premiered on April 28
Bang Bang Baby is the first original drama produced by Lorenzo Mieli (The Apartment) for Prime Video Italy. The series premiered on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

Staring Arianna Becheroni, a teenager who discovers she has a unique connection with the mob underworld in 1980s Milan.

Bang Bang Baby is a unique blend of crime, family and coming-of-age drama set against a highly stylised backdrop of 1980s Milan.

The 10-part series introduces  a 16-year-old Alice Giammateo, who lives with her mother Gabriella in a small, unremarkable town in northern Italy. Her life changes irreversibly when she discovers her father, who she believed was murdered years earlier, is in fact alive. Determined to see him, she sets out for Milan where she is charmed by her father’s family, the Barones – a dangerous mob clan led by her ruthless grandmother Nonna Lina, who leads Alice’s decent into a life of crime.

Arianna Becheroni leads the cast as Alice, alongside Adriano Giannini, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano, Lucia Mascino and Giuseppe De Domenico. Bang Bang Baby was created by Andrea Di Stefano, who writes with Valentina Gaddi and Sebastiano Melloni. Produced by The Apartment and Wildside, it is directed by Michele Alhaique, Margherita Ferri and Giuseppe Bonito.

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