Nero a metà is back with season 3 on Rai 1

Nero a metà is back with season 3 on Rai 1
Rai 1 will launch the third season of police series Nero a metà on Monday, April 4 in prime time.

The series in 6 episodes (2 eps back to back) is produced by Cattleya and Rai Fiction.
The series is focused on Inspector Carlo Guerrieri, a good policeman who has spent his entire career on the streets of Rome, whose daughter Alba, that he had raised alone is in love with a new colleague, who is ambitious and brilliant but above all, Black. His name is Malik Soprani, born in Ivory Coast but raised in Italy. From the outset, Carlo and Malik hate each other, but are forced to work together and they become friends. 
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