Inter Medya launches its lineup at MIPTV 2022

Inter Medya launches its lineup at MIPTV 2022
Inter Medya will join MIPTV 2022 (Cannes 3-6 April) in presence and presents a rich catalogue of scripted series, like Aziz, The Girl of the Green Valley, Destiny and more. See below the full list of titles:


Aziz Payidar, son of the Payidar Family which is biggest and the one and only carpet manufacturer of Antakya, lives his life in prosperity and wealth. Aziz’s fate changes when he kills French delegate Monsieur Pierre’s son Lieutenant Andre. He has to leave behind the lands he was born in and his precious love along with everything he has. Two years later, his return is going to be unexpected for everyone, because he has been assumed dead for two years. Everything has changed. Not only Aziz has lost everything but now under military occupation, Antakya is way too worse than the times when he left. Moreover, his first love Dilruba is now engaged with his uncle Galip Payidar’s son Adem. Aziz has to start all over. Along with his life struggle, Aziz is reborn from his ashes. Once a simple village girl Efnan comes into his life unexpectedly, he ends up in an emotional dilemma. After his dense emotional chaos, he will get to know himself better and find his true love.


Melissa Çelik is left without a mother and father when she was a baby. No one knows the truth about what happened to her family. Green Valley tells her story of becoming a young girl and then a woman.
She tries to stay with the family that adopted her, but Besime, the lady of the house, does not want Melissa and inflicts all kinds of torture on her. One day, when she is given the gate as a victim of anger, a man appears before her; Metin. Both of them start talking, unaware that their lives will change completely from that moment on. Metin is a timid, clumsy middle-aged man; Melissa, on the other hand, is a chirpy, talkative girl. Metin witnesses a part of her experiences, he listens to his heart and decides to save this girl, at least for now, and takes him to the farm. Melissa's questioning style, who started living with Metin and Meral at the Green Valley farm in the town, will also reveal many memories and secrets that have been closed for years. Melissa’s arrival, her stay at the farm, school life and accepting herself to everyone becomes a different adventure.
While Melissa continues her life in Green Valley and the town is shaken by other events; everything turns upside down with the news that there is a family that wants to adopt her... Although Metin opposes this situation, Meral is ready to give up on Melissa, but things get complicated when they learn a big secret and the story begins…


Ezo lost her mother to suicide. She grows up belittled by her father and ignored by her grandmother. This lack of love turned her into a vicious young girl. Despite the physical and psychologic abuse she has experienced, no one can bring her down. She has noone but the two people who have always been there for her: Esma, a farmhand, and Ezo’s childhood friend, Ali, who, is in love with her. She managed to graduate from high school despite having no permission to do so. Her only dream is to be the educated, strong and independent woman her mother wanted her to be. Then she is shocked when her father accidentally makes a terrible confession. Her mother whom she’s been grieving for 14 years didn’t actually commit suicide, she was thrown off the balcony by her father. That night, she burns down the farmhouse with her father Resul, her stepmother Ayfer, and Bekir inside. Resul and Ayfer die and Bekir fights for his life in the hospital. She confesses to her grandmother Cavidan, and she wants to turn herself in. Now Cavidan is stuck in between; Ezo is her son’s killer, but she is the only other family member left alive. Dreaming to start a proper family, Ezo enthusiastically runs towards that light, knocking down anyone in her way. She doesn’t know that her mother’s fate awaits her. But what if that fire just goes out one day? What if the light that Ezo blindly runs towards disappears? Ezo grew up in darkness, learned to fight in it. Who can beat her in darkness?


Marashli is an ex-soldier who has left the special forces in order to open up a second-hand bookstore and spend more time with his sick daughter, Zelis. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur Turel walks into his bookstore. Mahur’s life is saved by Marashli that day when she accidentally gets herself into trouble. From now on the destiny of the two characters will be interwoven irrevocably. Mahur is the precious daughter of Aziz Turel, one of the most powerful businessmen in Turkey. She gets into trouble because of a photo she takes that day which puts her life in constant danger. But her fearless persona is almost impossible to contain…at least by anyone other than Marashli who is now employed with keeping Mahur safe as her personal bodyguard. Mahur is a workaholic who has withdrawn from life after the untimely death of her mother. She watches the videos her late mother recorded for her to fill the emotional void in her life. The veil of mystery behind her family liaisons start to unfold around the same time Marashli is hired to be her bodyguard. She will start to discover the real and dark intentions of the ones who are closest to her. On this journey, Marashli will become her closest ally, the person whom she trusts the most, and her lover. That is until she finds out who Marashli really is…


Idealist Prosecutor Selim Kara receives an offer too good to refuse from the mob leader Selcuk Taskin he put into prison 8 years ago. Selcuk Taskin wants to testify against his organization in Prosecutor Selim Kara’s case’s. But he has one condition. Selim Kara will protect Taskin’s son Akgun Gokalp Taskin. Growing up in a world full of crime and danger, Akgun, an emotional young man behind his tough guy exterior, find this situation too difficult to accept. All of a sudden, life tests Selim in the most unexpected way; His wife Canan who lives with their kids in Izmir wants to file a divorce. Now in between his work and family, Prosecutor Kara has to take Akgun, who he identifies as a troublemaker, to “Justice Residence” where his family resides in Izmir, Cesme. Selim’s unexpected guest Akgun will cause all the residing residence members thrown off their balance’s; this wind which started in Aegean region, will become a storm that will change everyone’s lives.


Perihan Emgen, her daughter, grandchildren and her son in law Fikret, who she only tolerates for her daughter Berna, live under the same roof comfortably and prestigiously due to Perihan literally clawing her way to the top. Ferda, daughter of the famous Perihan Emgen who was abandoned at the age of one, runs a hair salon with her daughter Merve and is deeply loved by all the women in her neighbourhood. Ferda, blames her mother’s abandonment for all of her troubles. Her step sister Berna is married and has three children. In a quest to avenge her mother, Ferda has an affair with Fikret, her step sister’s husband. No matter how much Perihan tries to prevent this relationship, she never succeeds. Ferda is determined to take the life that is took from her. And while doing so, she accidentally causes the death of her sister. Berna’s death changes everyone’s lives forever. While the news drops in like a bomb, Perihan’s granddaughter Duru, who studies in the United States, arrives at the house for the funeral. Ferda has no desire to stop and while the Emgen household are mourning the death of Berna; she pays the family a surprise visit with her daughter Merve. Calling Perihan, “mother” shocks everyone in the family. Now, everyone in the family find out Perihan’s secret. Ferda’s stubbornness and Perihan not wanting her, causes a great war between the mother and daughter. This war will also change the lives of Ferda’s neighbours Ipek and Aras and will drag all of the young ones to a drift between love and hatred.


After his father dies, young Ali Riza is forced to give up his ambitions of study and focus his energies on supporting his family as a taxi driver. But a chance encounter in his car draws him into a vicious mafia feud that transforms his life into a fight for survival, love and justice. With the burden of family responsibility weighing heavily on his shoulders, the handsome Ali Riza has no time for romance. He has many admirers among the women in the district and his mother seeks to play matchmaker. Ali Riza’s attention is, however, focused solely on bringing up his three brothers and sisters. The light of his life is his sister Nihan and he takes on a father-like role, enabling her to study through his work. She has fallen in love with her older brother’s best friend and is on the verge of leaving the family nest, waiting for her brother Mert to return from his military service before getting married.
The dream begins to unravel a day before the wedding when a woman called Halide gets into Ali Riza’s taxi. She is pursued by a man who grabs her and tries to pull her away. Ali Riza leaps to her defense and fights him off. His bravery will come at a cost: the attacker, Burak, is the son of Istanbul’s mafia kingpin and he swears to take revenge. Burak is in love with Halide. She too is the daughter of a crime boss but has turned her back on that dark world to study medicine. Tragically, her mother and two brothers were killed by attackers who allowed Halide to survive, only stealing her necklace. As she will learn, it was Burak who let her live. The two are destined to meet again when Halide, now a doctor, visits Istanbul briefly to celebrate her father’s 70th birthday. Burak is now obsessively in love with her and he will do anything to be together with her. The rejection of his advances leaves him furious, vowing to destroy Ali Riza. His chance comes when he learns of the impending wedding of Ali Riza’s sister. The greatest day of Nihan’s life turns to tragedy when Burak bursts into the celebrations and fires into the air. One of the bullets accidentally hits and kills Nihan, leaving shock and heartbreak all around. It is now for Ali Riza to seek revenge, plunging into a dangerous world of armed thugs who think nothing of killing to get their way. When the rest of his family are also threatened with murder, he knows that he has no choice other than to take the mafia on at their own game.


Respect is a story that revolts against the daily disrespects we choose to ignore, disregard, or forget in the course of time. We follow the story of a psychopath, Ercument Cozer, and we delve into his obsession against disrespect and its reflection on the community. However, this time Ercument Cozer is not alone on this journey. Two lovers whom just started out in life, Helen and Savas are in a warpath against imprudence and start committing serial killings in Istanbul. The notion of “Disrespect” between two generations has turned into a media-based struggle. In a game where he doesn’t belong Ercument emerges victorious, breaks Savas and Helen up, and takes Helen under his wing. Now, he has a sister to fight along him for the same cause. For the first time in his life Ercument has a weakness, and soon he will know what it feels like to fall in love. A newly graduated prosecutor, Arya, who is also new in town, will introduce Ercument to feelings he has never known, and he will experience those emotions to their full extent. Meanwhile left with his anger all alone, Savas wants revenge. He now suppresses his being with violence because he was destroyed due to his indecision between his sense of justice and consciousness. Selim, who has not been able to lie ever since leaving Ercument’s rehabilitation center, is now part of this game. Ercument who has dealt with countless powerful people over the years overlooked the people he rehabilitated and called them ‘flies’. Will he now be destroyed by those people who he ignored for years? Will we discover that Ercument who regarded himself as a concept for years is just a mere mortal after all?


Sahir, who is staffed in İstanbul Police Department to dissuade people from committing suicide, finds Bilge after getting a notice on his phone one day. After he meets Bilge, a mysterious science woman whose life is full of secrets, the doors of a new and dangerous world open for Sahir. Behind this door, where the duo is standing at its threshold, every secret brings another secret. In this big war, Sahir and Bilge will both support each other and will dress each other’s wounds from the past, today and tomorrow.


Beautiful, smart and seeking her right under any circumstance, Deniz finishes university and comes to Izmir, where her family lives. Çınar completed his business education abroad and started working at Kocabey Holding. Two young people meet by chance in Izmir. Deniz’s mother works as a tailor and her father runs a coffee shop. Çınar is a member of the Kocabey family. Although he grew up in a wealthy environment, he has a humble personality. When will the paths of Deniz and Çınar cross again? Will Deniz be able to learn the truth about her mother? What are the secrets that the families of Yılmaz, Kocabey and Yüksel keep?

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